BCS Marathon presents

The UltraMarathon and Trail Run at Millican Reserve

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
~Robert Frost

Through a wonderful opportunity to partner with Millican Reserve, the team you’ve come to expect high quality road races from can now expand all of our running horizons off road. You get miles and miles of running through natural areas on natural ground. No cars and trucks or pavement, just you and your footprints and the outdoors and maybe a few hundred of your closest competitors testing your endurance. We present BCS’s very own ultra-marathon and trail race featuring event lengths of 10k, 25k, and 50k. Register here.

10k – $30/35/45 – t-shirt

25k – $50/60/70 – tech-fab t, medal

50k – $75/85/95 – tech-fab t, bigger medal

We’ll have plenty of aid stations with friendly, helpful volunteers and your basic ultra needs: water, sports drink, sugary caffeinated sodas, salty pretzels and chips, candies, cookies, ramen, and pb&j sandwiches. We’ll have fresh fruits and depending on the weather, we will put out cold stuff if it gets hot and hot stuff if it gets cold. We’ll have areas for your support crew and for drop bags.  Because we want to honor the sustainable nature and environmental respect of the Millican Reserve we have the privilege of running through, our races will be cupless. BYOB (Bring your own bottle!)

The course is over varied terrain on some of the prettiest property in South Brazos County. The race will be mostly on dirt track; some of it wide and level in the meadow but much of it single track in the trees. The property has a lake we’ll run around and is crisscrossed by numerous dry creek beds that are well incorporated into the course. There will be tree roots and small rocks.

We will have a 10k loop for the 10k, and an approximately 25k loop run once for the 25k, and twice for the 50k. Of course there will be chip timing.

Running is best done outdoors. Running on a trail outdoors takes it to another level. For many, it will take us back to playing in the woods behind our neighborhood or running down a dirt road between the turnrows when we were kids. It may be the best or only opportunity many of us city-dwellers have to touch and feel our natural world. We’re going to respect that feeling with an epic outdoor picnic to celebrate your finish. We don’t have the exact menu yet, but if you’ve been to our marathons you know it’ll be just what your running body craves at the end of an endurance test. And you can’t have an epic post race picnic without topping it off with the appropriate beverages and desserts.

Want to train on the trails this race is run on? Become part of the BCS Trail Runners here.