Distance Transfer and Deferral

  • If you deferred your registration to the 2023 race, you must still register for the race itself. You received an email with a deferral code to use while registering. You must use this code to register for the 2023 race.
  • If you registered for this year’s race and wish to defer your entry to 2024, you may do so if you did not use a deferral for this year’s registration. Deferrals will open 9/15. Deferrals are only accepted once. There will be a $20 fee. The Deferral deadline is November 10th at 12 noon CT. You may start the deferral process HERE.
  • Changing distances is permitted through noon CT on November 10th – as long as registration is open for the new distance and entries are still available. In order to initiate a distance transfer for the 2023 race, please visit your Race Roster dashboard and click on TRANSFER. This will guide you through the distance transfer process.