Inclement Weather Deferral & Registration

Note from Race Founder, Chris Field:
Many of you have called and emailed us about the inclement weather in your area and how it affects your ability to get here safely for race day. We understand this is an inconvenience for everyone, and we don’t want anyone who can’t safely get here to be out their race registration without something to show for it.So…if you live in an area where schools were closed on 12/6, or you would have to fly or drive through one of these areas to get here, we are going to allow you the opportunity to defer for the same fee as our earlier deferrals: $15 per person. This $15 allows you to run next year’s race for FREE. When registration opens for 2014, you will receive a code to register at no charge.
This is NOT for people who would prefer not to run in this weekend’s weather but could make it if they wanted. Deferrals from non school closed areas will be canceled out and money refunded.